A brillaint blend of paintball and dodgeball

Why not combine with Battle Balls for a mega sports fest?

arch rivals

Arch Rivals is a furious fuse of Archery, Dodgeball and Paintball. This high adrenalin activity is perfect to make your celebration or get together one to remember.

 Pick up to 12 warriors to play across an array of fun games using our foam tipped bows, inflatable bunkers and target blocks. Arch Rivals activities are always hosted and delivered by our amazing host’s so you need not worry about a thing.

Games include...

first aid, medical, medicine-2789562.jpg
Doctor Doctor

Designated DR who can revive players once hit. Once they are hit its anyone's game


No revivals. Last one standing wins!!

handcuffs, cuffs, black-294516.jpg

Get hit and join the other team. There is no loyalty in this game.

cage, jail, transparent-3301936.jpg
Prison Break

Tagged players are sent to Prison. Risk getting sent down to save team.